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a.) How do I add avatars to the Virtual Places software? 1) Right click on the avatar you want. 
2) Select "Save Image As". 
3) Save it in your personal av folder 
(if you do not have one you can make one at this time  by selecting "New Folder": Example-VPlaces\exts\gallery\personal ). 
Note: The new avatars will not work in the gallery folder. 
4) Select "save".
b.) How do I change my avatar once I have saved it? 1) Right click on your avatar or on "Avatars" from the tool bar. 
2) Select "Edit Identity". 
3) Click on "personal" and "change". 
4) Make sure the directory containing the avatar you wish to use is selected, either the stock avatars that came with VP (Gallery)  or your custom ones (Personal Folder). 
5) Select the Avatar you wish to use. 
6) Select "ok".
c.) How do I make my own avatars? Programs Needed: 
Image Manipulator: Thumbsplus,Paint Shop Pro,Adobe Photoshop 
Note: You may use any image program you desire thus you will have to learn how to crop the image or resize the image from its help section, they will all vary in how to do this. 

You can turn any graphic or part of a graphic into an avatar! 
1) Load the graphic you wish to edit into your image manipulator. 
2) Crop and resize or resize the graphic to 48 wide X 64 high. 
3) Once you have the graphic the way you like it, save the graphic in the .GIF format to your personal Avatar folder in your VPlaces\exts\gallery\(personal folder) directory.

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