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Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to give me feedback on this. Please post any other comments you may have to the new forum. I will not be posting any more email on this matter as it was taking up too much time. ...update : email is still coming in so I will post them but please use the forum from now on. Click the button below to enter the forum. Click Here to return to the main page. Thanks again. ;-)

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0-MiMiC-0 :
well, i just got done reading that, and i've got to say, ive been to that site and skimmed over yours, hers is almost EXACTLY identical to yours, you are pretty much an icon to painters and chatters alike throughout vp, your site has not only been helpful but user-friendly also, her claiming to have done that much work without help in a a year is preposterous. hopefully she'll break and admit it before sending a hundred thousand more emails claiming she didnt, haha

[ Response from o0starz0o : I got some news for you!!! like, you said, MY SITE IS ALMOST IDENTICAL."ALMOST" meaning not exactly. The difference is that it took Ing 4 years to site around and wait for people to do something and email her links. Obviously- I went out and looked for myself. Also, I do not consider Ing as a icon to anybody. I never even knew about her site until a few days ago when I was asking her to add my page. And I never said I had no help. I had plenty of help from people I do not wish to mention. As I said in many emails- I do not lie or steal without permission. so I will live it that. Oh and I will never break. I will not give in to something she THINKS I did and I know that I didn't. have been working very hard on that site for a year. I work on it and keep it well up-to-date. ]
__________ :
can i just say what agreat site yours is and its a shame some people cant be bothered to put in the work that you have but have to "steal" instead.
keep up the good work

[ Response from o0starz0o : Yes it is an ashamed that people would steal her links. BUT I NEVER DID. Ing is pressuring you t think that I stole them. Yes her site is great. But she got all mad because I have many more links on my page than she does on her page. And as in said- "when would you have had the time to site and steal my links, I do not know" something like that. that's my point I would have not had the time to sit and steal when I was searching. ]
The Cortex Staff :
I've been on vp for awhile now and this person is not the first to do this to u its sad and pathetic! You must member this though nobody else does links like u keep up the great work. Your effort is much apperciated!

[ Response from o0starz0o : Yes it is sad and pathetic, but again I will tell you. These links are not from her page. The Screen shots are fake. IT's CALLED A PROPAGANDA TERM CALLED "THE BAND-WAGON APPEAL" Meaning once one person wrote. She made other write also. If you were really mad. Couldn't you have come on vp or emailed it straight to vp. Obviously she gave the link out on the first email!! ]
Moon :
Yes M'dear you should be upset. I have been working on a vp site for almost a month now with it not even close to being done, and to steal other peoples work is wrong. She ought to be ashamed of herself. Well I am sorry this has happened and I am sure it will happen again. And one more thing I love your site thanks so much. have a sparkling day.

[ Response from o0starz0o : That's good for you. A Month is a 11 month different for a year. Get that. Your right at a month your site would no nearly have as many links as Ing's. But, Wait a year. You'll get there!!! Oh and to inform you also, I am not ashamed. The only people who should be ashamed are you people who think that something happened. THIS IS WHAT WE AMERICAN'S CALL "JEALOUSY". She is jealous and decided to take it out in public and say I stole links (in which I never did). ]
__________ :
Hello Ing,
I have been an admirer of your site for a long while now, though i change my Vp name often. but the question should you be upset?... that is a tough question. Though you did put a lot of time into the making of it, did you not use it for the purpose that people will come to your site and take things they like to use on either their web-pages or in Virtual places. And another question that i have for you to think about, is if you are mature, should you be upset or flattered that someone loved your site so much they had to copy it?

When you can truthfully answer these questions, i would be pleased to discuss this matter further with you. thank you for taking the time to read my letter and i hope you can sort his out without anymore conflict

[ Response from o0starz0o : Very True. Although I never loved her site so much that I would have to copy it. I see that Ing has not gotten to you. And that you are truth -full. I appreciate it. Also I also think that Ing should truly answer it. Also, every one can see that Ing brought it all on-to herself. After you read the emails you will see. ]

[ Comment from Ing : Well, I did answer his email but I'll put it here too. I told him that yes it is flattering that someone would like my site so much to "want" to copy it but to "do" it was a completly different matter...but you just said in another comment you hadn't even heard of my site until a few days ago but yet now you say "Although I never loved her site so much that I would have to copy it"...hmmmmmm ]
Sir Had a Gal :
Ok Ingy,
Here we go...

First, although the entire thing is quite amusing, you are to be commended for having such patience with morons like this.

It's painfully obvious what happened, and, even further, this person just completely paints himself/herself into a corner.

How? Look at this:

They end their correspondance with you with by saying this:

"also please stop emailing me i do not have the time...i am a web graphix desiner and i am busy so if you have any questions..."

Wouldn't a web graphics designer at least know how to spell their chosen profession?

then they had said this:

"I have been working on the page for a years...I have not put it up because I was still in the making..I went from all kinds of (hosting sites) searching for VP sites and no I did pot copy them from your site. Only thing I copiedwas your link to your page. I swear I have been going through vp asking people if they no any links searching in search engines talking to people throughout ICQ and yahoo.."

Wow!!! For someone who does not have 30 second to answer an e-mail, particularly since it involves intellectual property ( yes, your links are that, Ing), being so busy with "desining web grafix" ( their spelling ), they seem to have an awful lot of time to scour vp for links!! ( hmm I think a "web grafix desiner" would be familiar with the concept of intellectual property and copyright)

Then we have these gems, which also contradict their being so "busy":

"i also goto web ring homepages list and copy the links from there and go to other link pages."

"I work day and night on that link pages..."

Also I noticed although they are too busy to answer e-mail, their e-mail total beats yours by a 3 to 1 ratio, for every 1 of yours, they sent 3, sometimes 3 and 4 in between each one of your replies.

Jeesh Ing, I work day and night to put money in my pocket and food on my table..can you get them to share their secret? I want to know how I, too, can afford to search high and low for links, over "years", day and night, and also earn a living as a "web grafix desiner". ;)

You have the patience of a Saint, Ing, to last as long as you have with such babbling dunderheads.

[ Response from o0starz0o : First of all looking at your name it don't look like you can do much. I do not have much to say to you but to buzz off. If you knew what i did 9-5 just about every week and then saw what i did when i came home you would know why i misspell so often. so think about it. ]

[ Comment from Ing : ...well I have to comment on this one as I know Sir can do and has done MUCH! He has far outdone his "teacher". ;-) ]
KK first i would like to say that she had to steal your stuf becouse she has my site linked and i never even knew who she was. I think this is bull ppl stealing the work that others have spent their time makeing and i am going in tonight to tell her to remove the link to my page. I would also like to thank you for keeping my link on your page it has improved the quality of my site. Sorry a few buttheads ruin everything for those of us that try and make things better for everyone. Your freind SouthrnRebel

[ Response from o0starz0o : (email already sent and taken care of, no need to bring that out in public also ING!!!) ]

[ Comment from Ing : ??? ]

Jordanfirst :
Hey Ing HELL YEAH you should be upset. she can't even type for crying out loud!!!! You rock!!! We all love this site (my vp friends) is the only one I av. shop from. You should be very proud of yourself and let's hope that enough people raise hell and she takes her site down =)

[ Response from o0starz0o : I can't type?? you obviously can't even end your sentences correctly. So mabey you should check your grammar , and then email me back. ]
__________ :
Dear Ing,
Yes I feel that you should be upset. I personally dont see what people get out of stealing other peoples hard work. Unfourtanly there are a lot of people that can't be honest today. They apparently dont realize how much time and effort goes into making these pages. I personally enjoy your site very much you make my life a lot eaiser when I am searching for things. Hopefully these people will sit back and realize what they have done. If not I would some way figure out a way to ruin them in vp or label them as theives so everyone could know what they are dealing with. Thanks a Million for all the hard long hours and work that you put into your site, and please keep up the fantastic work.

[ Response from o0starz0o : Also- You seem real mature also. First of all why would you ruin someone's reputation as a painter if they worked hard in that??? How would you like it if someone would make a bad rep about you and made fun of your painting. Links and People are two different things... GET THEM STRAIGHT. Also They should site back and realize what they did, but i will not be sitting, i will be standing for what i believe in... My hard work and effort. ]
__________ :
I just finished reading all the stuff from the person who stole your links. That is so pitiful that someone has to take all YOUR hard work and try to use it for their own. I have been in vp for awhile now and the only place I go to is YOUR page to find anything I need. I recommend it to everyone I know for the best place to find links! That person should be ashamed of themself for trying to rip off all your hard work! Please know that you do have loyal users of your page that agree with you totally on this situation.

Keep up the great work! Your page is the BEST!!

[ Response from o0starz0o : YAY!!!! WE KNOW YOU CAN READ!!!! yippee do do day!!! NO one is ripping anyone off except for their time. We have to waste our time over something that ING HAS AN OPINION on?? ]
__________ :
Hi Ing!
Took the time to read the info about this issue of link stealing on your web site. As you are aware, I have had your site linked from mine since 1998 when I first ventured in html With regards to the site, I took the time to do some checking of my own before I wrote this note to you. As you know, geocities is not a very stable or secure web server. Through one of my extraction programs, I derived information about this individual who is instulting and playing games with you. I won't devulge the "details" of what I found and saw as that would just put more gas on the existing fire that could last for years to come. We both know that's not what the internet is for, fighting and cussin all the time. Now and again for a little excitement is ok, but to drag it on can lead to boredom while using precious web time. You are extremely creative and have demonstated this in your work. After a few million hits at your site, you should be proud!! only has 1600+ hits on her "WebPage" You have too much class and wisdom to let this crap carry on. I have seen people close wonderful web sites over this kind of issue. To summarize, its just not important enough to waiste html over. NO, I don't think you should be upset. You made your point by responding (very diplomatically I might add) with this individual. Remember the old expression, "What goes around, comes around".

Regards To satisfy your curiousity, the name on the site is not the html author or designer. Ip's don't match during editing..:==}...and no, I'm not the designer nor do I have the desire to even return to that non-creative or non-original site. I hate photocopies too. I prefer the original stuff that inside. If someone wants to look like me, then more power to them if that makes them happy. But they can never steal what I have accomplished in my lifetime or in the future, whenever something is taken away from me, its replaced with more gems from the creator. Take care Ing*S*

[ Response from o0starz0o : That's good for you mabey i will hire a detective to track you down and charge you with hacking. It has been done before and don't think o won't do it. I never stool anything. Also, about the counter my counters have reached over a million but got deleted just like ings did after it reached over 6 million, but since you wouldn't know that i will just shut you out of my Cyber life. BYE NOW ]
__________ :
Yes u should be upset, I have seen so much stealing in vp its amazing. Doesn't anyone have any self respect? It's obvious they took ur list. What is the purpose of taking someone else's property. Most people will give u anything if u ask for it but to steal such hard work is not right. I have seen many avs made from the same pictures off the net and people so angry thinking they have been stolen. But this is so easy to see, it did happen to u and I am sorry this goes on in vp. Maybe it's time to make rules in vp for ownership? I have a very tiny list on my page 4 to be exact(LOL)and one is yours. I admire ur hard work and I thank you for all the help u have given the many thousands who use ur links. sometime if u can check out my site I would be honored if u added me to ur list :]

[ Response from o0starz0o : don't you have any self ashamed to show your name?? But first of all many people are theives but i am not one. I only stole once when i was 4 and i didn't know ant better. But since then i have not stolen anything. So mabey you should get some self-respect for you, and mabey you should give some to others accusing someone you don't know. ]

[ Comment from Ing : They gave me their name and web address. I just haven't posted the name until I can ask for and/or receive permission to post it ]
__________ :
I want you to know something frist off... no matter what other people may do to your site ... they will never earn the respect and greatfullness that you have been getting or have already gotton... you have made my life much easier when av shopping,and alot of other people in vpland i go no where eles but to your site because of the wide selection....

It's not right what this person has done ... claiming your work as her's when she know's that it is not's hard to belive there are so many dishonest ppl out there... and they will keep doing it after all the years to come... but chin up and don't worry about it ... no matter what anyone comes up with for av site's your's will always be #1 to alot of people....


[ Response from o0starz0o : Mabey you are dishonest just like Ing and the rest of you who are emailing these crule responses. You don't even know me. You are going apon 1 thing that Ing said . Thetas it 1 thing out of millions of good things that she could say if she knew me. and as the saying goes: NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. But you people are judging me by some rude immature fake things. ]
Joey :
Ok, well i was at o0Starz0o shop, and they painted me a really nice av, and while i was geting paint i was looking at her amazingly 3000 links so i dont know why you think o0starz0o shop / links are absolutly the best so... go figure... The Link you say she stole she got them off of me.. cuz she was always talking to me on vp and asking me if i got n e more links for over a year now, till one day i quit cuz i did not want to get in to a fight!!! Also those link in you screenshots that are blue she never had on her page, her links are not red they are blue for a longgggggggg time i know of... Oh yes before i leave.. sources dont have banners at all... so i dont know Well thats all bye now

See Ya Joey

[ Comment from Ing: The question of the red and/or blue links that show on my unaltered screenshots is explained in detail on the main page here, part of the Sunday Update. The "banner" you see at the bottom of the source code screenshots is the part of my AllAdvantage Bar that was covering the source code page at the time I took the screen shot. What you see in the screenshots is what WAS on her page until I sent her the second email ;-) So now you know. ]
Gee :
Hello Ing =)
I have known you for a long time and I have been to your page many times and found it very interesting. I also recall the many nights you could only say a few words because you were reading EMails and Updating your links. I have looked at the site in question and the source code as well. It doesn't take an Enstein Brain to see that they copied your page. I too have worked very hard on making pages and finding links. IF this person claims to be a Graphics Artist, ( as my best friend is one ) then I know they DO NOT have time to ask permission from everyone that they got links from. Most people that jave made the pages may get around to answering your EMail in a week..maybe even longer. They are like the ordanary people out there that work for a living and do not have time to monitor their mail everysecond of the day. One last thing. IF this person is a graphics artist, ( which If I belive it to be true, then cats can fly ) then they will be out of business before they get started. They can't spell and surely thay have no clue to what a spell checker is either. This person is either very young or have the IQ of an egg. So to answer the question " Should Ing be upset ? " My answer is " Is Hell hot ? " Yes Ing, you may use my name and address if you chose to. Maybe if they EMail me I can try to at least give them spelling lessons.

~~ Gee
[ To ALL from o0starz0o : I appreciate all who have not written in this rude manner that should not exist.I ask politely to ad "MY" link page to hers and she starts a big thing. Also Mabey if you people knew me you would knot that alot of what was said in responses are lies. Also you notice that the only emails on here were bad ones?? There are no good ones. i have written from another name- and she never posted it. So there were probably many more nice ones. But she did have the confidence to show it that there were many people who didn't believe in this Bull- So if any one else had the guts to write. I would appreciate it if you wrote to me and not have to hide behind Ing. Thank you ]

[ Comment from Ing to o0starz0o : EVERY email that I've received with the Subject : Should Ing be Upset? or similar has been posted here. Try again ;-) ]
QZ :

I find it interesting she misspelled my site name as u did its not oz & orion, its Qz & Orion so no she didnt come to my site.

Ing you do great work you should be more then upset u should be down right PISSED!!

Thank you for providing me with a link I get alot of hits from your place.

[ Comment from Ing : ooops, I'll fix that next chance I get QZ. ;-) ]
o0starz0o :
I would appreciate it if you took that page off. I was considering getting rid of my link page until you had that page up. I gave you a day to take it down think oh she'll take it down no big deal not many people know about it. But since you made it public i will not take my links down. You had your chance and you blew it-Oh and i don't care post this alon with the rest of them.

[ Comment from Ing : Nope, I seem to recall that it was "you" that had "your" chance when I told you I would still consider you for a link if you would've done the right thing ...and lets face it, you and I KNOW what has happened. (along with MANY others now) I just wonder if Links Galore or Young's PSP Tutorial sites are aware that their sites may have had the same thing happen to them. With graphics and files being linked from their site into "your" VP Utility page and PSP Tutorial page ...same text descriptions too for the things from Links Galore...but I truly apologize if you had the permission to do so. ]
MayheM :

After reading the controversial emails on your site this morning, I thought I'd offer my opinion. I think that starz didn't do a lot of work she claims to have on her site. In an email rebuttal from Joey, he said that the stolen links in question were provided by him. He falied to mention where he got them from, but did mention that starz hounded him for a year for links for her site. I assume most of the links she posted were collected by people other than herself, so while technically SHE didn't steal them, the links were stolen nonetheless. It is the responsibilty of the site owner to get permission to use the links regardless of where or whom they came from. I, myself, have had a site basically stolen from me (not a link or av site) and it is infuriating to have your ideas and hard work stolen from you, and starz, if you ever had an original idea or thought you might realize that. Ignorance is not a valid excuse. And BTW, it's spelled "maybe". Keep up the good work Ing, and don't be disouraged by others that imitate but can never duplicate a site as grand as yours.

__________ :
Well. I've never really understood why people would want to take someone else's work. Be inspired by it, perhaps, but not just to take it, bald faced. If you put any time and/or work into any sort of project (which you have) only to have it ripped off, of course you have to right to be upset. Due do the source of this... altercation, however (I've been there, he/she has even posted her *own* response page... the link doesn't work, it goes to "respomces.html"), I would be more inclined to be amused and perhaps a bit annoyed with the continuity of the problem.

I would also like to say that if she works with graphics, her site doesn't show it... or any skill with html.

Keep up your good work with the site, Ing, and don't let petty people get to you.

[ Comment from Ing : Yep, well I was going to point the misspelling out to her regarding the link to her responses page but I thought she would do as she did before. Change it and then tell me "you read wrong and assume wronge" ...thanks for bringing it up ;-) ]
xXBaxSiDeBayXx :
Owner of chillin villianz
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